• September 15, 2023 7:14 am
  • United Arab Emirates

Logistan is an international shipping and logistics company having offices in UAE, Afghanistan and Pakistan and international partners all over Middle East, Europe and United States. At Logistan, we can serve all main logistics services in terms air shipping, sea shipping, trucking services, customs clearance services, IOR/EOR services and warehousing. Please see below our detailed services portfolio:
1. Air Freight Forwarding
2. Sea Freight Forwarding
3. Overland Trucking Transportation
4. Project Logistics / Special Cargo
5. Customs Brokerage
6. Logistics Consultancy
7. Warehousing & Distribution
8. Insurance Services
9. IOR / EOR Services
Please reach us anytime at this email address (sales@logistan.com) for any inquiry.


  • Service Type: Courier Service


  • Air shipping, Sea shipping, Trucking services,Customs clearance services

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