Instructions for Linking Your Microsoft Account to Skype
  • August 12, 2023 7:40 pm
  • Monroe, Louisiana, United States

If you are using Windows, we will presume that you already have a Microsoft account. If that isn’t the case, the comprehensive advice that follows ought to help you fix this problem by utilising You won’t be able to utilise any of these explanations if you don’t have an account for each category. There are a few requirements for the process of linking accounts in Skype for desktop. You should be prepared and aware of everything. One Skype account may only be linked to a Microsoft account at once.

Begin skype for work area

Pick the Microsoft account choice by clicking it or visit

Sign in with your microsoft account. Try not to have a microsoft account? Set it up.

Continue clicking.

Click “I have a Skype account” to proceed.

Enter the username and password for the Skype account that you want to combine.

Your skype account and the associated Microsoft account will now be connected by Skype for Desktop.

You’re finished!


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