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TEO JIN HUANG Grew up on the beautiful island of Penang, Malaysia, and later moved to another beautiful island, and his current home, Singapore. TEO JIN HUANG was lawyer at Rajen Law Practice (*while setting up firm), LLB from National University of Singapore (Class of 2008), Advocate & Solicitor Supreme Court of Singapore (18 May 2009), Associate Mediator at Singapore Mediation Centre (since 2009), Commissioner for Oaths (since 2019)

He Personally handle all his cases, His areas of services are

Divorce / Annulment / Separation
Family Violence / Personal Protection Orders (PPOs)
Custody, Care & Control & Access / Other Children’s Issues
Maintenance (wife / child)
Cross-Border Issues
Estate Planning / Probate & Letters of Administration / Mental Capacity
Civil / Commercial Litigation / Claims

Contact TEO JIN HUANG through his direct line +65 9476 3230 (call / WhatsApp / text) or e-mail at lawyer@jinhuang.sg. Normally he will arrange an initial call (about 10 minutes) to get more background and explain some preliminary points on further arrangements to properly advise you on your matter.

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