Culinary Transformation: I-Dzine’s Renovation Expertise for Restaurants in Singapore
  • September 19, 2023 7:39 am
  • Singapore

Is your property in need of rejuvenation? The process of renovating a property can be quite exasperating, akin to a form of therapy that demands painstaking attention and constant vigilance. Monitoring vendors, designers, and craftsmen can be a time and energy-consuming task.

Look no further than I-Dzine, your ultimate solution for interior design. As the renovation branch of Wiz Interior and Consultoctad, we have successfully overseen renovation projects across the region. Our specialization in renovation design, supervision, and project management allows our team to work in close collaboration, ensuring the thorough revitalization of your property. Our unwavering commitment lies in delivering exquisitely crafted, functional designs.

I-Dzine is a versatile design firm based in Singapore. With over a decade of experience in the interior design industry, we also possess extensive expertise in graphics design, product design, exhibition design, branding, and F&B consultation. Explore our portfolio on our website at to witness how we can transform your vision into reality through our expert interior design and renovation services.


  • Service Type: Interior Design

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