Affordable House Construction
  • October 4, 2023 5:23 am
  • India

Build your dream home at a low cost from BACE India: We are No 1 Gfrg panel Construction Company in South India & also offer the best Affordable housing construction Solutions for all. Contact us NOW!
We are BACE India – a Fully Integrated Construction Solutions Provider.
We have established the Only Plant in India to manufacture Glass Fibre Reinforced Gypsum (GFRG) Panels which are the cornerstone of the REVOLUTION in Construction, that we are Spearheading.
We are a Multi-Faceted Construction Company and an EPC Contractor.
We Own and Operate all the Components in the Construction Value Chain, which enables us to constantly achieve prompt completion and full control on quality at all stages.
We have evolved over the years from being just another construction company to a focused Construction Solutions Provider with emphasis on SOLUTIONS.
We have assessed and used many leading edge construction technologies and have extensive in-house capabilities and partnerships both in manufacturing and design.
The company has shifted focus to Glass Fibre Reinforced Gypsum (GFRG) construction / BACE Swift Build as we believe that this is the Future of Indian construction. We are today the Largest Solution Providers in this emerging technology.
We have evolved this Technology, initially working hand in hand with IIT Chennai to design and adapt this new Green technology to suit our client’s requirements and the Indian construction scene.


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